is a site focused on highlighting, and detailing whenever possible, projects and products that allow the average person to take advantage of technology to enjoy the media they purchase in as many manners and places as possible. The intention is to be vendor and technology agnostic, although there will be more emphasis on open source software solutions than on proprietary software companies whenever possible and/or practical.

One of the major focal points of this site will be to detail the construction of and look at systems that store, manage, transport and experience the media people purchase in the most open and unencumbered way possible. This is not a DRM-stripping or black-hat hacking site – those are already in abundance.

Another focus will be in highlighting those methods and information resources available to people for creating their own solutions as well as topical news items relevant to mass media and those of us that are patrons of it.

I hope you find something useful here for your own ends and you can show your support, if you like, by visiting the company store.